These Are The Ideal Protein Powders You Should Be Using According To Your Health Goals

These Are The Ideal Protein Powders You Should Be Using According To Your Health Goals

These Are The Ideal Protein Powders You Should Be Using According To Your Health Goals

While protein supplements have become synonymous with the health and fitness industry, protein is a ‘quintessential’ part of your well-being, just as much. It’s not just bodybuilders and fitness aficionados need to supplement their diets with protein, but anyone who is looking to better their overall health. 

While the basic role of protein supplements is to up your overall intake of protein, the different variants of proteins are designed with a more specific purpose in mind. 

Here what you should keep in mind when choosing a protein supplement in the future:

Whey protein helps build muscle and recover quickly from muscular fatigue 

This is possibly the most popular form of protein powder sold today, thanks to ardent demand from the health and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you workout or just want to maintain a good balance of protein, carbs and fat, this is your go-to supplement if you’re looking for a boost in your protein uptake.

Look for pure whey proteins if your goal is to get in a generic dose of protein. There are several types of proteins out there; from whey concentrate to hydrosylate. But if you’re looking for a basic protein bump look for one that says a 100 percent whey or whey isolate.

If you’re on a plant-based diet, try pea, hemp or brown rice protein

Plant-based sources of protein powders include rice, peas and sunflower seeds can give you the amount protein and amino acids that you would otherwise get with meat and dairy, as long you combine them with another variety of plant-based protein. 

Plant-based proteins such as Amazing grass protein superfood a hot favourite for vegans/vegetarians, they are tasty, purely based on plant-based protein, ideal for lactose intolerant people, creates very less bloating and are touted to be a healthier choice, over most other forms of protein supplements. 

If you’re looking to lose weight, opt for casein protein 

Similar to whey, casein too is derived from milk and is packed with all the amino acids that regular whey does. The only difference is that it is digested more slowly than other forms of animal-based proteins, such as whey. Slower digestion means that the protein will be around in your bloodstream for longer making you feel fuller for longer durations of time, as well. This also makes it a good protein to have before bedtime. 

Casein is the key protein found in dairy, making up 80 percent of the protein content found in cow’s milk. Unlike whey which is fast-absorbing in nature, casein provides a steady flow of protein during an extended fasting period, like when you sleep overnight. Look for a powder that includes micellar casein, the slowest digesting casein protein of them all.

For strong bones, better hair and improved skin adopt collagen

Collagen is required in our body not just to build muscle but forms a vital part of skin, hair and bones. Supplementing your body with an additional dose of collagen can go a long way in helping reverse the process of ageing. 

Collagen helps build connective tissue in our body, helping build elasticity in the skin, making it appear more youthful, supple and healthy. It is also said to help your digestive system by reducing inflammation and other bowel disorders. 

For weight gain try weight gainer proteins

For those who struggle to gain weight, size and muscle mass on their frame, despite eating a high-protein diet or a high-caloric diet, consider adding a high-calorie protein powder to your diet. Known as weight gainers they typically come loaded with carbs to dramatically increase your calorie consumption, over and above the food you eat.

So, whether you’re a skinny person struggling to put on weight, a bodybuilder who needs to pack on more calories during a bulking phase or someone who burns far too many calories during the day to be able to replace them with foods, weight gainers might be just what you need. 

Keep in mind that protein supplements in no way can replace the need for eating an overall healthy diet, it’s only to supplement a balanced diet consisting of a good balance of protein, carbs and fat. Protein supplements also act as a good replacement, only during times you can’t afford to or have to skip a proper meal, which lacks protein. 


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