Mississippi cashier to donate kidney to wife of regular customer

Mississippi cashier to donate kidney to wife of regular customer

Mississippi cashier to donate kidney to wife of regular customer

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) – Workers at Wayne Lee’s Grocery and Market in Pascagoula take pride in the store’s small town feel.

One of them said she felt so connected to customers, she offered to donate her kidney to a woman suffering from kidney failure. It’s a life-changing moment the Drummonds said they’ll never forget.

Eddie Drummond is a man of routine. Everyday, he drives from Mobile, Alabama, to get to his job at Ingalls Shipbuilding.

Employees said Eddie always greets them with a smile. When he came in looking sad one morning, he said a cashier asked him, “Why was I looking so sad? I said my wife wasn’t doing good on dialysis, and she needed a kidney transplant.”

Eddie’s wife of 32 years, Donnie Drummond, said she went to the hospital after experiencing breathing difficulties for a whole day.

“Doctor said I got there just in time because I had a lot of fluid on my heart. I could have died in my sleep,” she said.

She was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2015 and went through dialysis before doctors told her she needed a kidney transplant as soon as possible. Aguirre stepped up to the plate and teamed up with Eddie to surprise Donnie with the news.

“She said, ‘Is Eddie here?’ I said, ‘Who?’ She said ‘Eddie’. I said, ‘Baby, what do you want with my husband?’”

The two turned out to be a perfect match with O positive blood. Aguirre said she reached out because she would want someone to do the same for her.

The Drummonds and the Aguirres grew closer by the day, even spending the holidays together. Two families became one through an act of kindness.

“You will always be a part of us because you put an extension of my wife’s life, and I can’t thank you enough,” Eddie told Aguirre.

“I asked for a miracle blessing, and he sent it to me because he’s not done with me on this earth,” she said with a smile.




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